Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lay off me, I'm starving

After that brief divergence into I-will-never-ever-be-this-cool-or-stylish territory, we now return to our regularly scheduled programming... which is to say, I'm going to finish telling you about the things we have decided on at this point, beyond a wedding date. The third and final of these checked-off items is the really big one, at least in terms of payout: catering.

As is the case with many reception venues, ours came with a list of preferred vendors. Though I had heard of a few of the caterers on the list, I wanted to give everyone a fair shake in case there was a great value hidden among them. I started off by emailing, calling, or filling out an online form for each caterer and giving them my wedding date, the estimated number of people, and what sort of service and food we were interested in. At the recommendation of friends, I added two off-list caterers, both of whom assured me they would absorb the additional $1000 Puritan Mill tacks on when you don't use one of their preferred companies.

The first round of cuts was the easiest. Companies that sent back a generic, 40-page packet explaining all of their services? Out. Caterers who only sent back menus above what seemed to be a reasonable price point? Buhbye. People who just didn't respond? Clearly not interested in my business. After about a week or two of rounding up proposals, I had cut my list in half.

Phase two of this process took quite a bit longer. My mom left town to go to Russia for a week and a half shortly after our first tasting with one of the non-list caterers, so we put off conversations and tastings with the others until after her return. Unfortunately, her homecoming was delayed by a medical emergency, which resulted in a 35-day hospital stay once she arrived back in Atlanta. Once we realized she wouldn't be able to attend any meetings we scheduled for a couple of months anyway, my fiance and I set about communicating with the remaining caterers...

Check back tomorrow to hear how and who we eventually chose!


  1. Nice SNL reference in your title. =)

    You sound a lot like me. I also instantly cut any vendors who did not respond to my initial contact. Either they're not interested in my business, or they're incredibly unreliable and I'm pretty sure I don't need that stress in my life.

    PS: I also sing for the CO Chorus here in Cleveland. What has the ASO performed lately?

  2. Nice, glad you're with me on the SNL reference :)

    Let's see, in the ASO we just did Carmina Burana, Mozart Requiem, Symphony of Psalms, and next season we've got the Brahms Requiem, Mahler III, Verdi Requiem and a few new pieces. What part do you sing? I'm at the top of the first alto section.

    (also, I just posted the rest of the recap... somewhat backdated, you may notice ;) i'm getting back to regular posting!)