Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wookin' pa nub* -- the long and short of it

Actually, I wasn't really *looking for love when I went off to grad school in Syracuse, NY, but it's a pretty safe bet that when you're part of a small niche program, you'll probably meet some interesting people who value and appreciate many of the same things you do. Indeed, I met Jon, my intended, at an impromptu Fourth of July grad student cookout. Our friendship developed in the halls of the Newhouse complex, over brown-bagged (actually, Tupperwared) lunches on the shady part of the patio, and in the Warehouse lounge. We drove together to most of our field trips that summer and sat at the far end of the table in class. When I lost a friend from college almost two months after school began, I cried to him on the phone. Another couple of months after that, when he finally confessed that he liked me, I was pretty adamant in my confusion (I was having a hard time) and protested that he didn't really want to get involved with me... but he did, and we've been together ever since.

So, skipping a bit, here we find ourselves, two writer/musicians engaged and living in Atlanta. I've returned to my hometown, but Jon came here from Moscow, Idaho, by way of Syracuse -- not a common path, I'd reckon. Having moved around the Southeast quite a bit as a child, I think he feels pretty well at home in Atlanta. We've been here almost two years now, and are excited to show all the folks who will be celebrating our wedding with us that Atlanta's an excellent town.

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