Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I have a dress!

I took an extended lunch break today to pick up Mom and go to Bridals by Lori -- my third visit to that store. After my last appointment there (wherein the dress I thought was meant to be mine turned out to be not so much the one for me), I was convinced I wouldn't ever find a wedding dress that felt right and fell within the ballpark of our projected budget. In a desperate fit of late-night, hours-long internet searching, I managed to single out a few contenders that gave me hope that my dream dress was still out there, waiting to be found. I rang the consultant I had worked with at Bridals by Lori, and after a week or two of emailing and finagling she confirmed that she would be able to bring in one of these dresses -- what I called Dream Dress B -- for me to try on, free of charge.

As it turns out, my third visit to Lori's this afternoon was the charm. My mom and I both loved Dream Dress B and agreed that it is very "me" and suits my personality. Of course all the ladies in the shop were over the moon about it too, but they're probably more prone to that given the business they're in. After a while of waving to the webcam and a budgetary phone call from Mom to Dad, we decided that we should take advantage of the trunk show discount and go ahead and cross this to-do off of the very long list of wedding things to be done. The ladies took me into the dressing room to get my measurements (I'm told I have a "perfect hourglass figure" -- holler) and then ushered Mom and me into an office so we could sign on the dotted line.

Bet you want to see it, right? Well. In the interest of not revealing all of my wedding secrets to the internet (given my vast readership), I'm not going to post any pictures of my dress today, though I did get to take a few. Maybe I'll share once the fittings begin... But for now, I'll show you some of the dresses I liked but did NOT get. Maybe one of these is your dream dress, if you're in the market for one!

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