Friday, July 17, 2009

Letterpress success!

This past Wednesday night at letterpress class I was really cookin'. I had started gathering type for project no. 2 (an announcement) last week, so I was able to pull together the rest of the type pretty quickly and get on to inking and printing after the first hour. I really feel like I'm getting the hang of it -- though in all honesty it's a pretty simple process once you get going.

Anyway, the big challenge of this project was to print in two colors. This means you have to run each piece of paper through the press twice (or, if you don't clean off the ink in between and have more than one press handy, as was my case, you can work off of two, each with a different color). I decided to do a moving announcement, as I mentioned before, since my intended and I are moving in together this weekend. Here's the end result:

Isn't it excellent? I'm really pleased with it. I mixed the inks myself and didn't screw up too many once I got them on the presses. In case you're curious, I set and printed the blue type first on the larger of the two Chandler & Price presses, then experimented with the placement of the birdie a bit on the smaller C&P before running about 40 cards through for the red type.

In terms of wedding invitations and other pieces, it's not likely that I'll set the text by hand -- the odds of not having enough of a letter-sort in whatever font I've chosen is just too high, plus the font selection at the Atlanta Printmakers Studio is somewhat limited. Eventually I'll get plates made for our invitations, which will probably make the printing process even faster. Works for me!

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