Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A needle in a blogstack

For the amount of wedding-related blogs I subscribe to, the return on investment has been pretty low thus far. The cool things I see online are generally waaaay out of my price range, too time-consuming, or clearly too hip for me. (That, or my borrowed idea is shot down by my fiance or my mom.) As a result, my digital clip file is pretty limited.

One bit of blog-begat wedding inspiration has stuck, though, so I'll pass it on to you. From the very beginning, I knew I wanted our favors to be little jars of my dad's honey -- he's a lawyer by trade, but a farmer/beekeeper once the workday is out. He distributes bottles of it to his clients at Christmastime and often sends visitors to our house away with a bottle or two, so "Jim's Legal Bees" is a fairly well known brand among our friends and family. We usually have more than we can give away in a year, so I'm sure we'll have enough honey when he harvests it in a couple of weeks. Plus, it's free! All I need to do is buy the packaging, and the bees (and Dad) will do the rest.

Meanwhile, my fiance and I had been muddling over what to do with table names/numbers and escort cards to go with them. Could we use our favorite albums on vinyl as table numbers? Could we find awesome albums with numbers in their names? Books, what about our favorite books? Or maybe the coolest words in the Oxford English Dictionary? Nothing was really coming together until I came across this post on twig & thistle (posted by a Kathleen, no less -- how providential). Check this out:

Brilliant! Use the honey jars to tell everyone where they're seated! The label space is small, so that probably means we'll just stick with the usual table numbers rather than something more unusual. I love this idea not only because it rolls many functions into one object, but it also necessitates that everyone pick up his or her favor. Obviously there's no guarantee that the favors will later make it home with the guests, but it's a good start.

Finally, a helpful tip for anyone needing lots of jars for favors or any other function: I looked at glass container wholesalers online but found significantly lower prices on the same jars at Mann Lake Ltd. (a beekeeping supply store) and Package Supply & Equipment. The latter even has a warehouse in Atlanta, so I can avoid shipping costs (expensive for all that glass!) by waiting for one of the company's twice-monthly transfers to its Georgia facility. Score!

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