Saturday, August 22, 2009

Countdown with the Knot

I outfoxed the Knot last month by getting my dress a day before their shop-for-a-dress reminder, but that victory was sadly temporary. Today marks nine months until our wedding (and it's even a Saturday!), and the Knot was back again to tell me that this month I am supposed to create the guest list, find save-the-dates, and get "tradition ideas." Oy!

I think I already have an idea of traditions -- those I like and those I don't. There will be no unity candle and no garter removal; I'm undecided on a bouquet toss; and I'm gonna do that old, new, borrowed, blue thing, in addition to using a pretty traditional Presbyterian format for the ceremony. There are undoubtedly more I'm glossing over, but that's for another post.

As for save-the-dates, we've got 'em! Well, we know what they will be. We don't have the final artwork yet, but it will be here eventually. CHECK.

That leaves the dreaded guest list. After I got home from the beach, where I spoke with a recently-married cousin a lot about her wedding experience, I felt certain that I could easily trim off some names. When I looked at the spreadsheet, though, it was harder than I thought. I did cut, but mostly from the B-list. (Yes, I have one; no, I probably won't use it as such.)

I'm learning to let go of social circles that no longer apply and instead focus on my/our current relationship with potential invitees. I was quite proud of myself for striking a college buddy with whom I haven't spoken much since I graduated and whom I had included simply by merit of inviting everyone else from that group. Baby steps, right? One down, 60 or so to go!

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