Friday, August 28, 2009

On a blue streak

In keeping with the theme of the week, I am happy to share with you part of my "something blue" for the wedding. It's actually seven blue somethings... my bridesmaids' dresses! After a try-on marathon at Bella Bridesmaid, a perusal of the selection at Bridals by Lori, and an appointment at the Lenox Square J. Crew (where they have the wedding collection), it has finally been decided. The girls will be wearing J. Crew's Robin dress in mediterranean blue:

the pretty back of the dress, in another color

This has been my favorite all along, but I wanted to be sort of democratic about the process. The opinion that mattered most was my sister's. When she and I went to J. Crew, along with another one of my bridesmaids, we all decided that the silk chiffon fabric was too casual to go with my dress or the time and setting of the wedding. That helped us narrow things down to just one fabric, the silk tricotine, which only came in three styles. The Cecilia dress, with cap sleeves, was a little frumpy looking, and the Sophia too matronly. That left the Robin, which was just right!

Before I made the official call, I ordered one (with free shipping!) for one of the bustier gals in the lineup to see if she felt comfortable, and also so I could see the color in whole-dress form (as opposed to on a swatch.) That came in earlier this week: the color is perfect, and it fit my friend like a dream!

There are many advantages to purchasing bridesmaids' dresses from J. Crew, I think. The fabric is just lovely. It feels like real fabric -- not that crappy, stiff, polyester taffeta typical of wedding-party attire. If you order the wrong size, you can just send it back in and exchange it, potentially saving on alterations. And, although many brides make the claim that their dresses can be worn again, it seems like many of these really can be.

I was thrilled to have found my girls a nice dress that rang up under $200. Of course, with tax, this one doesn't... but if I sign up for a J. Crew credit card, I get 10% off of my first order. Better still, I found out the other night that if I start a card there between August 27 and September 7, I will get 20% off of my entire first order! AND J. Crew will ship the dresses to multiple addresses -- for free! This means that instead of paying $210.60 for their dresses, my buddies will only have to fork over $168.48 -- which is about what I paid for my most recent bridesmaids ensemble from David's Bridal. Everybody wins!

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