Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Save the date...with art!

Not long after Jon and I got engaged, we asked our friend Larissa Greer, a talented writer, editor and artist with a SCAD pedigree, to do an illustration of us, with the idea that we'd use it as artwork for our eventual save-the-date postcard. I first saw Larissa's work in this style back in the fall in a facebook album she had posted. As I later thought about interesting and unexpected ways to incorporate our talented friends into our wedding, she came to mind right away.

We don't see Larissa too terribly often given our non-jiving schedules, but Jon ran into her out at the Porter in Little 5 Points the night before he proposed and told her what he was planning. (Sidenote: Larissa accompanied Jon to the first Josh Ritter concert he saw in Atlanta... I had a symphony rehearsal or performance that night. BOO. Thank god Josh doesn't have a song called Larissa!) It was only a few weeks later that I wrote to Larissa with our commission.

I got a facebook message from Larissa in early May saying that her painting ("pretty much the epitome of young love," as she described it) was drying in her studio. Since then, Jon and I have been waiting, wondering when we might get to see it, and tonight it simply cropped up on my facebook profile with the note, "I'm happy that you kids are making it legal :)"

painting by Larissa Erin Greer

How badass will our save-the-dates be? And how perfect are the colors, without any direction from me? Here's the picture it's based on, if you're curious...

Though the save-the-date artwork won't likely match our eventual invitations, I think it does an excellent job of setting the tone and even conveying a little bit about me and Jon to our guests. What do y'all think?

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