Monday, August 10, 2009


Well, I'm back from vacation and seem to have hit the ground running -- I just made my first impulse-fueled wedding purchase. Yikes! Let's hope this trend doesn't continue...

Anyway, so, there are these shoes. They're from J. Crew, and I saw them, I dunno, a few months ago? I think they're beautiful for a wedding. I also think, incidentally, that they would go quite nicely with my dress. Unfortunately, because they're J. Crew shoes, they are -- how you say? -- not cheap. $235. At any rate, I shared the link with my mom a few weeks back to get her opinion ("aside from the price, they are lovely") and filed the photo away in the "wedding" folder on my computer.

This morning, an email from J. Crew appeared in my inbox, which led me to check up on my shoes. My shoes! Where did they go?! Not seeing them under the appropriate category, I hopped over to eBay. "J. Crew shoes" returned more than a thousand items. I couldn't remember the name of the shoe to narrow the search, so I dug up the email I had sent to Mom and clicked to see if the link still worked. Lo and behold, there they were, still on J. Crew's site... in the sale section!

The only sizes available, conveniently, were for clown-footed folks like myself -- sizes 9 and up. I don't know what size I wear in J. Crew shoes, but the 9 only came in the dusty pink color, so 9.5 it was, in ivory. Final sale. No returns or exchanges.

After a futile effort to locate sneaky shipping and discount codes online, I placed my order. It's very unlike me to purchase something I haven't tried on -- especially something that can't be returned -- but I felt like this was an opportunity presenting itself and that it was meant to be between me and these shoes. Right? Now I just have to wait until they get here and hope they fit!

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