Thursday, August 27, 2009

Can I offer you a Bride-tini?

I'm not sure when people started making up fruity drinks for weddings, but I've always thought that "signature cocktails" were sort of lame -- that is, unless one actually had a signature cocktail, or at least a long history with a particular libation. What if the guests just want a good bourbon and water and not a "blushing bride" or a "groom & tonic" or whatever?

As I've learned more about the art of putting on a wedding, though, I've discovered that the signature cocktail serves a purpose beyond cheesying up the proceedings -- it's actually a budgeting trick. Instead of having a full open bar, people will offer just wine, beer and their signature cocktail, which limits the kinds of liquor required for the event. Clever!

I mentioned this to my mother the other day and, while I'm not much of a cocktail gal these days, it got me thinking. If I were a signature cocktail, what would I be? And, as I fell asleep that night, it came to me: The Mirthmobile!

The original Mirthmobile, of Wayne's World fame

What would go into the Mirthmobile I don't yet know, though I am certain it would be very blue, with perhaps a layer of orange or yellow at the top (for the flames). Knowing me, it would have to involve some grenadine. If I wanted to be really showy about it there's always the option of lighting the cocktail on fire (for a more literal interpretation of flames), though I think a garnish like the one at right is perhaps a safer route to go.

Of course, if I really wanted to be true to my inspiration, the Mirthmobile cocktail would have to look like this one:

Zang! At that point, I doubt I would be saving any money on the liquor tab.

So readers, tell me -- if you were a cocktail, what would you be? Do you think signature cocktails at a wedding are lame or fun? Would you rather have your run of the bar?


  1. I want the mirthmobile to please match my dress. and then we can use the garnish as our bouquets! Or our bouquets as a garnish. Either way, really.

  2. We're having a breakfast-for-dinner wedding reception with a bloody mary bar and a bellini station (in addition to beer, wine, and a coffee bar) as our theme drinks. I don't think they're technically signature cocktails since we haven't made up funny names for them, but we get the cost savings and "cuteness". I do worry a little bit about two of our friends who only drink very specific things, but maybe I can just slip them a flask.

    Oh, and I have no idea what I'd be called if I were a signature cocktail. I also imagine I wouldn't care what you called me as long as I was poured with a very nice bourbon.

  3. Oh please, oh please... Punchbowl!

    (The Carltini circa 2009 would just be a dry vodka martini. Boring, yet classic.)