Monday, August 24, 2009

the tastings begin...

Yesterday Jon, my mom and I trucked up to Norcross to do our first official cake tasting at Celso's Cakes. (I say "official" because Jon and I stopped by Rhodes Bakery on Saturday morning to check out their no-appointment-necessary weekly tasting, where we were unceremoniously presented two slabs of pound cake atop a Styrofoam plate with icing piped across them and a pair of yellow-cake cupcakes. Free? Yes. Tasty? Meh.)

Celso's came highly recommended from two recent mothers-of-the-bride -- one from Mom's former place of work, and one from my current office -- so we went into it with high hopes and were not disappointed. However, while the cake was perfectly delicious, it was all sort of... boring.

Surely I'm more interesting than white cake with white chocolate and raspberry filling and buttercream, I found myself thinking later. I don't even like fruity fillings in cake! Jon, who had been brainstorming ideas for a cool groom's cake, seemed to be persuaded in the moment to go with a standard-issue chocolate truffle layer cake with two tiers. Unacceptable! I practically demanded he revert to his earlier plan of some exciting fondant creation. (Of course, we'll have to see how much these things cost. My cake will be relatively simple, as pictured above, so I'm hoping Jon will do something awesome.)

Aside from the white cake with a touch of raspberry and white chocolate filling, we tried white cake with Bailey's filling, almond cake with amaretto filling (which was way better than I thought it would be, given that I dislike both of those flavors), white cake with a very pink strawberry mousse filling, chocolate truffle cake with ganache (which practically knocked me out of my chair) and a lighter chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling.

My favorite cake, in all of cakedom, is probably spice cake. Otherwise, if I could dream something up to suit my fancy, it would probably involve minty icing. The former will be technically out of season for a May wedding, and the latter probably also out of season and not very weddingy, to boot... but who the hell cares? Spice cake knows no season, in my book. Neither does minty stuff.

Next on the list for taste-testing? Highland Bakery, Frosted Pumpkin, and Caryn's Cakes. Maybe Matty Cakes, too... we'll see. Hopefully one of these folks will offer me something more exciting than white on white with white-flavored filling. Caryn has spice cake and a cookies & cream filling, so it seems like she's on the right track... plus, she went to Syracuse! Maybe there's an alumni discount we can exploit...

What about y'all? What's your favorite kind of cake?


  1. I have to recommend our cake baker, Emily Sasser, who has also handled several other weddings in our friend group perfectly. She is a one-woman shop, so the prices are unbeatable. And she is very willing to try out new recipes if you need to spice things up! She is doing my special recipe of white chocolate lemon cake with cream cheese frosting. The sample was divine.
    I have personally eaten two of the cakes featured on her site!

  2. Thanks! I'll definitely add her to the list and look her up.