Wednesday, August 12, 2009

To video or not to video?

That definitely became a question again after seeing Ginny and Ed's wedding video clip.

When my mom, Jon, and I first broke down the wedding budget, I figured I was cool to roll the videography allocation into our photography fund, retain the most awesome photographers ever, and call it a day. Having a cameraman (or worse, crew) running around at a wedding, dragging cords through the middle of your moments and shining that damn spotlight all over the place really irks me. Plus, I look at my photos far more frequently than I watch any videos I have... so it made sense.

But oh, my dear lord. Ginny and Ed's video was sweet, artful, and just stunning. It's actually the same kind of footage we have from my parents' wedding -- silent (but crackly) 8 mm film. Of course, my parents weren't nearly as stylish, even back in '72. (No offense, Mom and Dad.) I haven't seen much of their wedding video because it's still on reels and thus not very easy to pop in and watch, but 8mm movies have a charm that I (and clearly many other people) find preferable to the montage-heavy, slick cinematic style of wedding videography that seems to be in vogue today, at least in the mainstream.

As it stands right now, we won't have a videographer... for the reception. One of my high school friends dabbles in filmmaking, and we've asked him to record the ceremony for us. (He actually had a bit of a side business in wedding videography going this summer, which I had no idea about until I asked him to do this. Nice!) I don't want him to video any of the reception because I want him to be able to fully enjoy the party. He'll be our guest, after all.

So, I'm pondering... but at this point we're trying to cut the budget, not add to it. In our first meeting with Jesse and Whitney, they mentioned that sometimes there are SCAD students or random filmmakers looking for weddings to film (for free!), so when it gets closer to the time, I'll ask them to keep their ears out for anyone who may want to tag along with an 8mm camera. In the meantime, I'll be trolling Craigslist, keeping my fingers crossed, and hoping for a hipster wedding movie angel to smile upon us.

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