Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's in a font?

Although letterpress class is over, my final project -- the wedding invitations -- won't be done for a couple more months. Perhaps the greatest hindrance to my progress is the fact that I don't know my way around Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, and thus, I have no ability to design anything... yet. (I plan to remedy this next week by taking a 2-hour intro course on each program at the WonderRoot Community Arts Center.)

Aside from my graphic-design ineptitude, the other hurdle I'm facing is the design concept -- more specifically, the lack thereof. I don't think it needs to be too complex (especially since I'm attempting to create it), but part of the reason I'm taking on this project is so our invitations will have more personality than the standard cream-colored, script-engraved ones. My incredibly basic idea at the moment is to have the main text in a smaller, sans serif font, and our names printed larger in something more... fun.

Here's where fonts enter the picture. Not long after I became engaged, I came across a blog post heralding the arrival of a lovely font created for the New York Times on the website MyFonts, and I decided I would use the font, Memoriam, for our invitations. Unfortunately, I learned that the font is less than ideal for letterpressing -- it gets very, very thin and very, very fat, and because of the variation it would be difficult to get even ink coverage without blotches or lost lines.

Adios, Memoriam :(

With Memoriam out of the picture, I turned to MyFonts for other interesting options. I needed a font that would convey the right amount of formality without being fusty or stoic, but I didn't want something so whimsical as to be cloying. I tend to dislike italics, so I didn't want the font to be too tilty, but a script would be OK if it were the right one. I've probably spent hours in total on MyFonts, but here are a few options I've come up with. (All fonts can be found on myfonts.com)

First, here's a sans serif I just found for the bulk of the text*:

Sweet Gothic

And here are the fonts in the running for the really important stuff -- our names:



HT Fiorista


Sensual Bold

Treasury Pro

Well? Which one do you like best? Or do you have some better suggestions? Let me know!

* just the other day I read that it is proper to use the British spelling of "honour," and you can't request the honour of someone's presence if you're not getting hitched in a church... whatever. Maybe I just want the pleasure of everyone's company, that way I won't offend anyone's sense of spelling.


  1. I LOVE bella donna. second choice would be sensual bold - both seem to just right for you guys. whimsical, yet relevant. :)

  2. Blanchard, buttermilk and sensual bold are my top three. Happy now, miss bossypants? ;)

  3. Oh I could look at fonts for hours! Love treasurypro!