Tuesday, September 22, 2009

8 months to go!

I got my monthly to-do email from the Knot today, and it seems like I'm back on track with their timeline, for whatever it's worth. This month's assignment is to register for gifts. We're not done with registering yet, but we're certainly underway!

We started the process at Williams-Sonoma about a month ago -- I have a friend who works at one of the local stores, so we actually went in and let her give us the registry spiel. She was super helpful in helping us pick out which knives we should get! Not long after that, we expanded our scope with a walk-through of the department stores at the mall to see if anything in the realm of china and crystal struck our fancy. Fortunately we spotted some things we both liked, so when we got home I logged on and started a registry at Macy's. We've also registered at Crate & Barrel, because I love that store. Plus, we've already got a head start on our everyday dishes since Jon bought some for his bachelor pad last year.

Of course, there are things we would love to have for our household that one can't find in any of these stores. Jon wants a record player; I want the expensive remastered Beatles box sets; we both could use the Adobe Creative Suite to help our careers along. For this and other such stuff, we're registering with Wishpot, which basically lets you compile a list from any online retailer. You can also just list items you desire that may not have specific store links -- like, say, a vintage globe -- and people can mark it off your list and go a'hunting. Sounds awesome, right?

We're headed to another wedding this coming weekend, but the next one after that I think we're going to head to the mall and tackle the registry by checking out towels, sheets, and other things you need to see and feel before you decide. I'm hoping to have enough stuff on there by the time people start throwing me showers!

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