Tuesday, September 8, 2009

cake for dinner

I just got home after a long haul up to northeast Bejesus and back with Mom and Jon to taste the wedding cake offerings from Frosted Pumpkin Gourmet. The office and kitchen are both in the dude's house, which, in case I didn't mention it, is in the middle of nowhere. (Technically it's Alpharetta, but close enough.)

I had a hunch, especially after our first two tastings at Celso's and Highland bakery, that I would favor the bakeries that don't pump out 20 wedding cakes a weekend... which might seem counter-intuitive, but that's definitely how it has shaken out. Both Celso's and Frosted Pumpkin have their established/favorite/signature flavors, and they're not much interested in making anything different than those five or six cakes. What if I want a damn spice cake, huh? Come on people. Isn't the bride supposed to get whatever she wants? MAKE ME HAPPY, CAKE BAKERS.

Anyway, Frosted Pumpkin is recommended by both my caterer and coordinator, and I enjoyed their cake at a friend's wedding this past May, but it's not for us, delicious though the dark chocolate and red velvet cakes were. On top of the limited flavor selection, the cost is substantially greater here than anywhere else we have checked out. So far it's been pretty easy to winnow down the field -- Highland Bakery still leads, as if there were any question -- though I think the greatest challenge of the cake hunt will be finding a delicious and pretty cake at a really good price.

To that end, I've got one more tasting scheduled next week with Caryn of Caryn's Cakes (who apparently updated her site between this afternoon when we spoke and now, and it looks great). She's a Syracuse alum (Go orange!) with plenty of interesting flavors on the menu, and she seems willing to explore any and all cake possibilities with me. Wohoo! She sounded really cool on the phone and is said to make a mean spice cake, which bodes well. I had one other cake meeting on the docket (at the recommendation of Nicole/Victory Bird from A tale of two brides), but the baker realized today that our wedding date is her anniversary and she'll be out of town celebrating. Alas! She did recommend a mentor of hers, so I will probably be in touch with that person to be sure I've explored the spectrum of wedding cake bakeries.

Check back next week for more cake adventures. Otherwise, come back tomorrow for a new feature I like to call Wedding Spectator! Betcha can't wait...

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