Tuesday, September 1, 2009

brainstorming the groom's cake

We were supposed to have another cake tasting tonight, but the cake dude got confused by the Labor Day holiday weekend and double-booked, so our appointment was pushed to next week. Even though I didn't get to eat cake tonight, I've spent some time thinking about it -- about the groom's cake in particular.

Jon has protested ever since our first cake meeting that he doesn't need a groom's cake. Pish posh, I say! We're in the South! Tradition demands it! Plus, this wedding isn't all about me. (Not that if I had my dream cake it would be a multi-tiered white one, but whatever.). If I get a cake, then so does he.

At our first cake tasting, it appeared from the photos that the baker's forte was the traditional chocolate-cake-with-logo approach:

However, as I am more interesting than white cake, so too is Jon more interesting than your basic logo'd layer cake. This coming Thursday my mom and I have an afternoon meeting with Highland Bakery's Karen Portaleo, billed on the website as the resident "sugar artist." It's a pretty apt description, actually. We've ordered three awesome cakes from her in the past, so I'm excited to talk to her about wedding and groom's cakes.

Since Karen knows her way around fondant-sculpting, I figure she's the one to talk to about serious groom's cakes. Jon's first idea a while back was to have a typewriter cake, in the style of the vintage typewriter I bought him for our first anniversary. I wonder how much something like the one below would cost?

Or maybe we should highlight Jon's musical prowess by getting a saxophone cake. This cake seems even more intense than the typewriter, but it's so cool! It's even the same kind of sax he has:

Continuing with the musical theme, there's always the Cakelele (ukulele cake, get it?) option:

Of course, my groom is a man of many interests. What about showcasing his love of books?

Perhaps his favorite baseball team?

His favorite toy?

Or the university that brought us together? I think Otto the Orange would make an excellent groom's cake:

We'll get some price quotes from Karen on Thursday, which will determine how elaborate a groom's cake we can consider. In the event that we need to simplify our design concept, we can always go for a cake in the shape of Idaho, Jon's home state. (Surprisingly, I could not find any pictures of Idaho cakes in my google searching!) All you need to do for that is hack up a sheet cake, right? How much simpler can you get?

The beauty of the groom's cake is that the possibilities are pretty much endless -- at least as the budget allows. What's the most badass groom's cake you've ever seen? Stay tuned to find out what Jon decides...

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  1. Please no wii or cakelele (also boos to cakelele). I could have made those. You don't want to pay anyone for art that could have been made by this girl.