Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Introducing Wedding Spectator!

Kind of like Wine Spectator, only for weddings! Right? Admittedly, it's not the catchiest name ever... but it's less stalkery and alliterative than Wedding Watcher, so I'll go with it.

Wedding Spectator will be a regular feature on my blog from here on out, and it will highlight what I deem to be the best/coolest/most awesome aspects of the weddings I have attended. The idea is to stop talking exclusively about myself and Atlanta-centric wedding details in order to stay relevant and engaging to my readers across the globe (there may not be a ton of you, but you're all over the map!) while also creating an opportunity to share pictures from my friends' and family's wedding celebrations. I hope that the process of reflecting on these other weddings and looking back at photos from the festivities will inspire me -- and y'all -- as the planning continues.

Don't go far... Wedding Spectator installment no. 1 is coming soon!

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