Monday, September 14, 2009

not much to report

I've been in a bit of a funk today and yesterday, so this will be brief. I think I'm arriving at that point in wedding planning where all the big stuff is out of the way and it's too early to be really productive with little stuff, if such a place exists. It's sort of weird and oddly frustrating.

Anyway, the good news today is that all of my bridesmaids have received their dresses in the mail, and I've had multiple calls and emails thanking me for choosing such a pretty dress! I'm not gonna lie, I've considered buying one for myself... would that be weird? At any rate, I'm pleased that everyone likes the cut and color and fabric of the dress, not to mention that I scored a great deal. J. Crew and I have had a rocky relationship these past few years, mostly because they often refuse to accommodate boobs or thighs, but I think we may be close to burying the hatchet after this.

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  1. I am really hoping that its the weird weather here in ATL causing my headache!! I can't find any medicine that will make it completely go away. And if I don't stop being a cranky pants I might not have a groom waiting for me in 32 days!! Hahahaha just kidding.

    Love your blog =0)

    Let us know how the JCrew dresses work out - my girls had trouble with theirs due to some large 'chests' haha.