Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Old-Timey Tuesday: what their grandmas wore

In keeping with the attire theme of the first few Old-Timey Tuesday posts, this week we'll look at the grandmas. Just as there seemed to be a dress code for the mothers of the bride and groom, so too did the grandmothers of the happy pair adhere to a uniform style. For the mothers, it was dyed-to-match shoes and long, sheer polyester sleeves. The grandmas went for conservative necklines, dresses that hit just below the knee, and -- my favorite part -- white gloves.

According to Martha Stewart's wedding website, "In the 1950s, classic white gloves were essential for the well-dressed woman." This wedding was in 1972! I love what that says about my parents' grandmas. Ever well-dressed, proper ladies, these. I also love that they're all sporting horn-rimmed cat-eye glasses. The accessories belong to such a specific era -- and that era is not the early '70s, which makes this photo all the better.

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