Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Old-Timey Tuesday: what their moms wore

I'm no fashion expert, but it seems to me that long, sheer sleeves were having a moment in 1972:

I wonder if this is a case of the mothers coordinating their outfits or just an inspired coincidence. My grandpas are in standard-issue black suits, and, you can't see really see it in this picture, but Dad's tux/morning suit is just awful. It's got sort of a Teutonic/high-school-theater costume look to it...but I digress. More on that later. Here's another shot where you can see Grandma Dot's dress (which I have in my closet at home) in a little better detail:

Mom with Dad's parents and Grandma Wilkening (Grandma Dot's mother).
This is probably Mom's favorite picture from their wedding. Also, I look like my dad.

I love the pastels, the gauzy bloused sleeves, the coordinating clutches and dyed-to-match satin shoes (seen in the previous shot). Of course, a lot (if not all) of these things might fall into the category of what not to wear these days. Imagine my surprise, then, when I saw a blog post about some better-than-average MOB attire from Pronovias and the following dress was among the photos:


I mean... it's basically the long version of a combination of my grandmas dresses, plus a few sparkles and a saucier neckline. Once again we have a case of my family being way ahead of the fashion curve. (Nevermind that this one resembles a sexy old-timey dressing gown...)

Because this look was so familiar, and also because we haven't even started shopping for something for my mama to wear, I sent her the above photo and a couple more from the same collection. What do you think of these?



All of these are dresses I can see my petite and adorable mom wearing, and they're lovely, romantic alternatives to the stiff shantung suits that are so common these days. I'm definitely keeping these on file for the eventual MOB-dress hunt! Who knows, maybe she'll end up with another pastel, floaty-sleeved number...

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  1. The pictures from your parent's wedding are awesome! Something was seriously going on with those sleeves! LOL