Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Old-Timey Tuesday!

Yes, it's time to trot out some of my parents' wedding photos! I wasn't quite sure where to start with this treasure trove, so, since I left off talking about bridesmaids dresses, I thought I'd show you what my mom made her friends wear. Here they are getting matched up with their bouquets:

As you can see, young Laura was too cool for matchy-matchy dresses, so she let each girl choose her own dress color. I think they got to make their own dresses as well, though there may have been one bridesmaid who was not so good with a sewing machine whom Mom or one of the other girls had to help out. (Note to my high school: why didn't you teach me how to sew? BOO.) I asked Mom if her friends argued about who got to wear which color, but apparently everyone got what they wanted.

Here we have the full-length shot of everyone as Grandpa Fred gives mama a kiss. The only one of the bridesmaids I know is my aunt Toni -- the one in the mint-green dress with the fabulous hair -- who looks so much like my cousin Jamie (her daughter) it's ridiculous. I can never remember who all the other ones were, though I think there were a couple of former roommates in the mix.

Last but not least we have the formal post-wedding shot of Laura with the girls. You probably noticed in the last picture the colored ribbons that match each bouquet to its respective bridesmaid. In this picture you can also see what looks to be two pairs of dyed-to-match satin shoes. Maybe Mom was a little more matchy-matchy than I thought!

The best part of this picture, and of so many others from Mom and Dad's wedding day, is Mom's megawatt grin. No artsy stonefacing or pensive window-gazing with this crew. Check back next week for more smiley pictures from 1972 in the next installment of Old-Timey Tuesday!

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  1. That is so funny your mom let the girls each choose their own color since that is a trend now that brides are following! She was wayyy ahead of the fashion trends =0) The dresses aren't that bad - if I could get a picture of my mom's bridesmaid's dresses you would dieeeee - we are talking long sleeved, puff shoulders, and big big hats!