Thursday, September 3, 2009

tasting no. 2: Highland Bakery


We're still waiting for estimates from Karen Portaleo, Highland Bakery's sugar artist, based on what we talked about at our meeting today... but from our discussion it seems like the wedding cake would cost a little less from there than from Celso's, and the groom's cake would probably run us a little more if we go with one of the badass designs I know Karen could make.

Our meeting started out with the usuals -- date, location, number of guests -- and then moved on to tastier details like cake flavors and fillings. The folks at Highland Bakery are open to making pretty much any kind of cake, which I found refreshing after being served what seemed to be THE six options from Celso's. We also looked at the photos I brought in: pretty basic wedding cakes, crazy groom's cakes.

Eventually Karen went back to the kitchen and brought mom and me two jumbo cupcakes, one red velvet and one chocolate, still warm from the oven. As mom put it, it just wasn't fair! You just can't get much better than warm cake with lovely, rich icing. The cake was quite flavorful and sturdy (but not heavy), and Mom and I both agreed that Highland Bakery easily bested Celso's.

(I should probably mention here that we have a little bit of experience with Karen's handiwork -- for both of our parents' 60th birthday parties we've gotten special cakes from Highland Bakery, and they were huge hits, both in design and deliciousness. You can see Dad's birthday cake here.)

So we've got two down, two to go on the cake-tasting front -- one more with a big wedding/events cake bakery, and one with a small shop that one of you lovely blog readers told me about. Who will win out? Stay tuned...

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