Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wedding Spectator no.3: classic car, cocktail music

My cousin Sarah got married in April 2008 in her hometown of Bowling Green, Ky. As you can see, she and her husband Adam left the ceremony in a freakin' sweet car: a vintage Chevy, lovingly restored by her dad. This getaway car is hard to beat in both style and sentimentality:

(photo by me)

(photo by asim choudhri)

Of course, Adam really only got to drive that beautiful boat about a half-mile down the road to the reception venue, then I think it went back home to Uncle Richard's garage. At the end of the evening, a stretch limo whisked them away to Nashville so they could fly out for their honeymoon in the early morning.

Aside from the auto eye-candy, what I remember being quite impressed by at Sarah's wedding was the music during the cocktail hour. They hired a pianist for the first part of the evening, and he. was. AWESOME. Not too soft, not too loud, not too sparse, not too schlocky -- just classy, smart standards. He set the perfect tone for the evening. I was thrilled to hear him, and I definitely told him so once or twice.

(photo by asim choudhri)

I am a huge proponent of live music at weddings, when possible. Of course, wedding bands are often cheesy and always expensive, and a D.J. won't butcher your favorite songs, so sometimes that's the better option when it comes time to hit the dance floor. We're stealing a page from Sarah's book for our reception: we've got a D.J. for party time and are hoping to recruit an awesome jazz trio to start the evening off right.

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