Monday, September 21, 2009

Canoe: will we need one to get there?

You may have read or seen on the news that Atlanta is experiencing some inclement weather -- that would be an understatement. Flooded interstates, swept-away motorists, closed schools, waterlogged homes and suddenly homeless people and pets... it's been an insane and somewhat scary day. At the moment it's not raining anymore, and the worst may be behind us, but still more rain is expected in the coming days. When will it stop?!

The football field at my high school was under at least 7 feet of water this afternoon. Very close to my high school is Canoe, the location of our rehearsal dinner (to take place exactly eight months from tonight), which we selected for its AMAZING food and the lovely riverside setting. The latter is proving to be something of a problem at the moment:

There's a patio on the side of the building that must be mostly submerged in Chattahoochee River muck, and I'm sure the gardens and party tents are a total mess. Eight months is enough time to fix it all back up, right? I hope nobody had a wedding planned there this coming weekend!


  1. I work right off of Northside Parkway and yesterday they made us leave because the river was visible through the trees!! Scariness. Thank goodness we live on the 4th floor of our apt in Buckhead... lots of my coworkers have flooded basements =0( Hope your residence is ok! And hope Canoe isn't ruined!

  2. My place in Virginia-Highland is totally fine, thankfully. My folks live up on the NW side of town but are up on a hill, so they only had a little bit of water get into their basement. My high school is totally swamped though and is closed today while the water recedes...

  3. omg! Hope they can rehabilitate by then! We were pretty seriously consider them for our wedding . . . which is in 4.5 weeks . . .

  4. Hi Kathleen! I saw your comment on the Twin Ravens Press blog and wanted to let you know that the .28cent stamp was sufficient for our postcards (despite the heavier paper) -- but I did also want to caution you about using the 220 lb for your postcards since I didn't realize until after I'd sent mine out that the thickness of the paper doesn't fall within USPS's officially permitted dimensions (per their website). I can say though that I haven't had any of my postcards returned to sender yet (thank goodness!), so maybe the thickness is not so relevant ... or there are just a bunch of big-hearted postal workers out there! Good luck with your invites!