Friday, October 2, 2009

another awesome video...

This one comes to us from the Flashdance, a collaboration of which our brilliant photographers are a part. We briefly considered bringing on the DJ component of the Flashdance as well, but were unable to commit due to budgetary constraints. I feel kinda bad about that... and now I feel even worse because they've recruited another friend who shoots awesome 8mm films! If only I could have a full-on Flashdance wedding. Check out their latest addition here.

Part of my brain thinks if only we had another x thousand dollars... but that's a slippery slope. That's why people set budgets in the first place, right? To avoid the inevitable adding-up of lovely unnecessaries like paper lanterns and 8mm wedding films. Sigh.

I guess at this point I'll have to be satisfied with being a 1/3-Flashdance wedding. (Or I guess now it would be 1/4.) Maybe having Jesse & Whit on board will give me some leverage later on!

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