Sunday, October 11, 2009

on attending and planning weddings

D arius and Vanessa's wedding in Chicago yesterday was my last one of the year, and the second-to-last wedding I'll have gone to before my own next May. With each wedding I attend, I get more excited about my own -- and, happily, more assured of the decisions we've made in planning it thus far.

I think at the heart of it is that each of these celebrations is a reflection of the couple getting married, and each wedding is different. One of my goals for our wedding is that the ceremony and reception (and rehearsal dinner, and whatever else) are a joyful expression of our relationships with each other and with our friends and families. It's a tall order, but I'm feeling pretty good about it -- my family has a long history of throwing awesome parties. (It's true -- ask anyone!)

Though I've done most of my work on the reception to this point, I'm especially looking forward to planing the ceremony and starting our pre-marriage meetings with the pastor at church. I grew up in a different church than we're marrying in and have many former youth pastors with whom I remain close, but Jon and I decided that, rather than having two officiants, we'd go with one from the church where our wedding will be and where I am now a member. This pastor and I know one another's names, but beyond one preliminary wedding meeting, I haven't much spoken with him one-on-one. That being the case, Jon and I will both be starting out on equal ground with our officiant -- it's not my friend or my minister, but someone who will get to know us both at the same time.

Now that I'll be home in Atlanta without taking off on the weekends for about the next two months, I've got plans to work on lots of wedding-related projects: readings research, music scouting, invitation design, guestbook-making, etc. I'll keep you posted all along the way!

p.s. - I wrote this while on a plane home from Chicago to Atlanta! Crazy!
p.p.s. - the stunning drop-cap is once again courtesy of Jessica Hische

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