Monday, October 19, 2009

fashion week schmashion week

Over the weekend, Bridal Fashion Week for Spring 2010* kicked off in New York City. Much like regular fashion week, this is a twice-yearly event -- once in April and once in October. The fact that I've been paying attention to wedding websites long enough to have been blog-bombarded with blurry runway images of white fluffy dresses once already this year tells me that it's been a while since we got engaged.

Fortunately, this time I can just watch the pretty dresses parade on by and not have to worry about snatching one up. I've clicked through some of the galleries and am very happy to report that, so far as I've seen, nothing looks as lovely to me as the dress I've got.

*I'm confused... are they showing looks for next spring or next fall? My dress is cataloged on as Spring 2010, and it's a springy dress from the fashion week last April, but a lot of these collections are being called Spring 2010 as well. Befuddlement reigns! I guess it doesn't matter, really...

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