Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Honeymoon in __________

Having been to all these weddings lately, I've had a bunch of folks asking me for details on my own wedding -- especially the honeymoon. Where are you going? they ask.

Well... I don't know. I don't think I've ever had a vision of a particular sort of honeymoon in my head ever, and I doubt if Jon has either. So far, we've found it easier to plan by process of elimination. Here's a list of places we've ruled out:
  • all-inclusive Caribbean or Mexican resorts
  • otherwise tropical/beachy places
  • cruise ships
  • anyplace where it will be approaching winter in May (i.e. South America, other southern hemisphere destinations)
  • anyplace that necessitates more than about 10 hours of air travel
  • anyplace where the currency is the pound
  • anyplace with highs below 60 degrees in May
Jon doesn't want to go to a country where one of us has been before, but due to my year abroad, I've visited many major cities in western Europe, and that would rule out most places that fall within an acceptable temperature range. So, I've conceded that we can skip Germany, since it's the country I know best, but we are still entertaining places in France that are not Paris, as well as places in Italy that are not Florence, Rome, or Venice. Pretty scenery/sights and cultural events are imperative. Oh, and Jon likes places on bodies of water.

One of our first ideas was to honeymoon in Montreal -- since they speak French there, it's sort of a taste of Europe without that pesky 6-hour time difference. I always wanted to go there when we were in school in Syracuse since it's relatively close by but I never got around to it, so this would be a good chance. Also, the first little trip Jon and I took together was to Canada -- Kingston, Ontario, to be precise -- so returning to that country and spending the $20 Canadian I still carry in my wallet from that excursion would be sort of nice. However, Montreal and Quebec City are pretty damn far north and perilously close to being too chilly still in late May.

Looking a little further south and forgoing the domestic option (for now) takes us back across the pond to Europe. The other day the south of France (Marseilles) was sounding good, as was southern Italy (Naples, etc.). Today the focus has become Croatia, where, Jon discovered, you can lodge in lighthouses up and down the Adriatic coast. Also, their currency is the kuna, not the Euro, so the exchange rate is much better for poor writers like ourselves. One of my good friends from study abroad went to Croatia on a vacation once and has raved about it ever since, so I have a feeling that will hold top position for a while.

So, to summarize, here are the contenders at this point:
  • Croatia
  • Italy (not the usual spots)
  • South of France
  • Montreal/Quebec City
  • Greece
There's always the domestic honeymoon option, which we haven't given much thought yet, but may well once we get a better handle on how much we will have to spend on this little trip. We could also hold off and wait till we have more money/vacation time... but that seems unlikely at the moment.

We've been researching a bit, but there is such a wide world out there it's hard to know where to begin -- even with whole regions of the globe stricken from the list. Where would you go on your honeymoon -- or, if you're married, where did you go -- and how would/did you choose?


  1. Kathleen, if you go to the south of France, I highly recommend you check out Toulouse. It is warm and sunny every day, and stays light out until almost 11 p.m. during the summer. It barely rains, so you're almost guaranteed to have good weather. Plus it's only a few hours' drive from a lot of awesome places, like Carcassone, which is an area filled-FILLED!-with amazing medieval ruins and castles...and Perpignan, a town with a lot of Catalonian culture. Also, the Spanish border is close by if you wanted to do a day trip. The Dali museum in Figueres is practically right over the border, and is NOT to be missed.

    Also, you should sign up for Travelzoo's email list, because they get some amazing deals on trips that are more off the beaten path (like a week's stay in an Irish castle in the middle of some countryside), so you might get more ideas and save some cash. Good luck!


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  3. A coworker of Shane's and her husband went to Greece, and my mom has raved about it from way back when she went in college.

    We loved Hawaii, but it does require a bit of travel and time change. Then again, I would say any place across the pond would fall in that boat too.

    Let me know if you want me to hook you up with Shane's co-worker, she's a chatty one and I'm sure she would be happy to spill details if you are interested.