Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's good taste!

Just last week, I got permission to bring in a hundred or so bottles of Cheerwine, my favorite soft drink in the world, to add to the bar selection at our reception venue. Cheerwine also happens to be one of the things that first fixed Jon's attention on me at grad school -- I brought a can to class every morning until my supply ran out, and he remembered it from his North Carolina childhood.

photo by Heidi @ Our Labor of Love

Looks like this couple had the same idea, and took it a step further -- there's orange and grape Nehi too! Perfect for a wedding in the mountains of western N.C. (Also, they have excellent taste in photographers!)

I'm excited to be able to incorporate this family favorite and southern classic into our wedding. Is there a food or beverage that you want to be sure to have at your reception?


  1. I am so excited for Cheerwine at your wedding! :)

  2. I second Kelly's comment! Cheerwine reminds me of hot summer nights at Camp Seafarer. Cannot wait!

    Also, I'm so loving the vintage look of many people's wedding photos these days.