Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Old-Timey Tuesday: Cake!

The cake-cutting picture is probably one of my favorite among wedding shots to look at through the years, because everybody has them -- well, nearly everybody -- and the composition of these photos tends to be pretty standard, allowing for easy comparison. From this picture alone, one can usually get a sense of the formality of the occasion, the setting or decor, the size of the event (from the size of the cake), and, of course, the styles of the day (both in clothing and in cakery).

My parents had a tasteful three-tier cake for their wedding reception at the church, with the top tier lofted on those tiny cake columns. Mama says it was white cake with white icing, which was about all you could get in East Tennessee at the time.

Are these two photogenic or what? Geez.

I particularly like the arbor behind them... I imagine one of the wedding guild ladies moved it in from the closet in the church kitchen to dress up the fellowship hall for the occasion or something. It actually does frame the scene quite nicely.

For the feeding-each-other picture, the cameraman threw composition to the wind and just got up close and personal.

helloooo elbow!

No shenanigans here, just some lovely detail on the cake and Mama's dress. Extreme close-up! WAAAAH!

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