Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Old-Timey Tuesday: groomswear

We've been focusing a lot on the ladies so far on Old-Timey Tuesday, so today I want to let Dad and the groomsmen have their moment in the spotlight.

The men in the wedding party all sported what I imagine was the early-'70s spin on a traditional morning suit -- striped trousers and a diagonal-striped tie under a 3/4-length jacket. I mentioned before that Dad's getup had got sort of a Teutonic/high-school-theater-costume look to it, and here you can see for yourself:

It's a little mod about the ankles as well with the slim-cut pants, no? Oh, the Seventies. What an amusing decade you are! Let's see how the Abernathy men pulled it off:

I had realized before that Grandpa Fred is wearing the suit as well, but sure enough he is. Uncle Bob (far left) carries off the look most convincingly -- even with four buttons, and he is not a tall man. It must be the Marine in him. Uncle Steve (far right) is rocking some serious sideburns, and Mike (second from right) just looks goofy. I had that exact same hair on top of my head from about sixth through eighth grades, and I didn't understand where it came from until I saw a picture of Mike in high school. I blame him completely for my awkward years.

We haven't nailed down what Jon and the guys will be wearing yet, but if I have any say in the matter (which I do), they won't have any more than two buttons on their tuxedo jackets. I think they'll probably go solid, basic black, straight tie instead of bowtie, and black vests. (Colored vests remind me too much of prom... anybody else?) Classic, timeless, etc.

Anyway, when I got out my folks' wedding album again, I thought dad's outfit was such a hoot. It's nothing compared to my Uncle Dave's wedding outfit though -- a classic ruffled tux, in either white or powder blue. AMAZING. What do you think the blue ruffled tuxedo of our time will be when the next generation looks back at wedding pictures from this decade?

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