Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Old-Timey Tuesday: invitations!

A month or so ago when Mom and I were discussing wording for the wedding invitations, she said it didn't much matter to her how I wanted to do it. In fact, she said, she and Dad had phrased their invitations in a somewhat unorthodox manner:

Laura Susan Abernathy
James McMillan Poe
are happy to announce
our approaching marriage
Our parents
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Robert Abernathy
Dr. and Mrs. James Edgar Poe
invite you to share in our happiness
on Saturday, the second of September
nineteen hundred and seventy-two
at two o'clock
Colonial Heights Presbyterian Church
Kingsport, Tennessee

and afterward at the reception

Church Fellowship Hall

I love this picture. Not really sure why, but I do. It's just so... 1972.
(Not that I was there. Something about the colors, I guess.)

I am working on laying out the text for my invitations at the moment, so now would probably be the appropriate time to revisit wording options, no? Up to now I think we've just been thinking we'd stick with the traditional formal style, but if there's a way to make it less stuffy without it being too casual, it's worth pondering.

What do you think -- are invitations that start with the bride's parents requesting the hono(u)r of your presence lame, or do you prefer to stick to tradition?


  1. I love the flower with the invite! So pretty.

    Well, you probably know my vote on this one given what I did... but the invite is the place where you can have some fun, especially since you are making your own! Are you doing save-the-dates?

  2. Yeah, we're sticking with the traditional wording, but I bought some fun fonts to spice things up ;) We're doing save-the-dates -- a friend of ours is doing a drawing of us, so we'll probably send those as postcards. Woot!

  3. We are staying with tradtion. We've both been married before, but I eloped and none of my family got to even be there for my first wedding. Mr. Future Husband and I are paying for everything ourselves, but I really want to honor the support my family, especially my parents, have given through my very, very difficult marriage and divorce. So... we are wording them from my parents. I talked to my parents about it at Thanksgiving, and showed them the invites I'd made so far (look at the 3rd set of photos):