Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Old-Timey Tuesday: a special guest (with bonus pictures!)

One of the guests at Mom and Dad's wedding was Nancy Pridemore, who taught English, speech, and drama at Kingsport's Dobyns-Bennett High School. My folks were not only high school sweethearts at DB, but also debate partners. Yep. As such, they spent a lot of time under the tutelage of Miss Nancy, as they called her. Here she is, chatting up her former students at the reception:

This is a great picture for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that Mrs. Pridemore must surely be in the throes of storytelling or very enthusiastic congratulations -- I'd love to know what she was in the middle of saying when this photo was taken!

We kids heard lots about Miss Nancy over the years, and I believe we even met her at a high school reunion or two. Clearly, to have been in touch for decades after the fact, she was very special to my folks. And speaking of high school, this week I'm reaching even further back into the Old-Timey Archive to bring you some photos of little Laura and Jimmy (courtesy of the DB 1966 yearbook) in all their nerdy teenage glory!

Here we have Dad, left, and Mom, second from right, looking studious with their fellow German Club officers. But wait, there's more:

Jimmy and Laura in the Debate Society! And do I detect a hint of foreshadowing in this caption? "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here..." Members of the Debate Society, Jim Poe, Ted Hagan and Larry Penley, listen attentively to Laura Abernathy. After all, Mom and Dad were dating at the time. Clever editors! (Sidenote: Man am I glad my high school yearbook didn't portend anything about my romantic future. Dodged a bullet there! The class below us has literally 6 sets of now-married high-school sweethearts, and I don't think any from our class lasted. Weird! I digress.)

To bring this blog post full-circle, the writing above the photo is Mrs. Pridemore's note to my mama. I know it must have been so special for Mom and Dad to have Miss Nancy at their wedding.

Jon and I only go back as far as graduate school (I don't believe grad-school sweethearts is a valid designation... I think the charm only lasts through college), but we hope to have a few special folks in attendance on our big day as well -- like the people who admitted each of us to our graduate program, making this whole thing possible, and some dear professors and friends from Syracuse. I'll have some former teachers there from as far back as elementary school, too! What is it about teachers?

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  1. What a great post! I love seeing these old pictures and hearing about family memories. (Also, yes, my Westminster class is ridiculously incestuous.)