Monday, October 26, 2009

we have a cake!

Well, we don't have a cake yet... good thing too, because I don't reckon it would taste very good in May, seven months from now. Nevertheless, I'm happy to report that, after way too much cake-sampling, Mom, Jon and I have come to a consensus on our favorite cake-baker. What makes our decision even sweeter is the fact that this bakery gave us the lowest price quote by far. Wahoo!

Bet you're wondering which bakery we chose, right? We settled on Highland Bakery, a Poe family favorite. I like that it is in-town and close by, that it's attached to a monumentally delicious restaurant, and that we have a bit of a history with these folks already. Let's take a walk down memory lane with Highland Bakery's cakes, shall we?

In 2008, Mom turned 60. We threw her a wildly successful surprise party and added a little extra something by springing for a fancy cake that paid homage to her bookworm tendencies:

You may be wondering what that large blob of yellow icing in the background is... well, turns out that Dad's birthday is a week before Mom's (only the year after), so we surprised him with his own cake. Dad's a lawyer by day, but a beekeeper and farmer by pretty much any other time, so we had Karen at Highland Bakery make a beehive cake.

How cute is that? Our only regret with this one is that we didn't consult our brother on what this 59th-birthday cake should say, because he came up with a real zinger that we heard after the fact: You bee next!

Dad indeed did turn 60 the next year, and we got him good with another surprise party, this one luau-themed. One of the guests grew up with Dad in Kingsport, Tenn., and brought along a picture of her and little Jimmy at his fourth birthday party. Crazy! Anyway, since we had started an awesome-cake tradition the previous year, we called on Karen once more. Here's what we came up with, based on Dad's usual weekend attire:

As you can see, Karen and the lovely bakers of HB have been good to us, so I'm excited to have them on board for our wedding. Mom and I had a great time talking to Karen and discussing the possibilities for cake flavors and decorations. I don't think we'll be doing anything too terribly intense in the decor department, but it's good to know that we could if we wanted to!

Right now we still don't know what flavors the cakes will be. I don't think I've had a better red velvet cake anywhere, so if Jon doesn't want that for his groom's cake I might have to incorporate it into the big white cake somewhere. I've still got my eye on spice cake, though, and as soon as I can find some regular mint extract (as opposed to peppermint) in stores, I'm going to whip up some shamrock shake cake to see if that might be an option. The best part is, with Highland Bakery, the possibilities are endless!

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