Friday, November 20, 2009

All I want for Christmas a smilebooth! I've mentioned before that I am saving up my dollars to get us a more comprehensive wedding photography package, but unfortunately the smilebooth does not come included. If I should retain a smilebooth a la carte, I have a promotional discount from attending the NOT wedding earlier this year, so that helps. But Santa, if you wanted to drop a check for a couple hundred bucks in my stocking, I would not complain!

While I'm sure a smilebooth is an awesome addition to any party, I'm not sure which way to go on the backdrop. The possibilities are endless! Here are some awesome ones I've found on the interwebs:

muppety (kitty not included)

In a different category of smilebooths, we have the photo-wall backgrounds...

Of course, there is always the very viable DIY option of buying fabric or sheets and rigging one up ourselves... What sort of smilebooth backdrop would you go for?


  1. A photo booth was something that I really really wanted. We used the awesome room with a fireplace in our venue coupled with a 10 second timer on a camera with a tripod, but our friend's camera was apparently too complicated for most to figure out. I still haven't seen the 20 or so pics from that, but our pro started snapping some of the shots. Those are definitely some of my favorite shots.
    I say you can totally do it on the cheap, just make sure the camera you use is super, super easy to figure out, or put a few friends in charge of checking on it.

  2. Our photographers set up a photo room w props and a backdrop at our wedding as a surprise to the groom and me and our guests LOVeD it! Check out a little montage of some pics from our wedding on my blog!