Thursday, November 12, 2009


I love wedding cake toppers, and I kind of really want one. There, I said it.

Unfortunately, there aren't any charming vintage ones in the family that I can use for free, at least to my knowledge. I don't want a giant monogram or initial, I don't want a heart or a swan, and I can't think of an animal that both Jon and I like enough to have represent us atop our wedding cake, so that leaves me with mostly realistic, people-based options. I've found that I especially like arches, and they may or may not involve a bride and a groom.

A lot of the mass-market toppers that are readily available today are pretty cheesy/weird and awful. (*WARNING: this post is long, but it's mostly pictures!) Observe:

This, apparently, is what "modern" brides like to wear on their wedding days... methinks no.

A runaway bride cake-topper? Really?

And of course, the ol' ball and chain. Poor groom.

For the more sentimental or religious types, you can always give a nod to your blonde, blue-eyed guardian angel and add her to the mix.

If the figurines aren't doing it for you, you could go for a REALLY CREEPY set of disembodied hands...

But why use creepy hands when you could cross She-ra and Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" in a 3-D version of a romance novel cover?

OK, one more then I'll get to the nice toppers. This one is included not only because of the ridiculous bridalwear and beribboned, lacy base, but for its name: "Parasol Splendor." If that doesn't make you want to cough up $50 immediately, I don't know what will!

(all images from, except for the ball and chain
and runaway bride, which came from That's My Topper.)

In all seriousness, I've found quite a few on the blogs that I like. The main problem is that they can be SO DAMN EXPENSIVE. Let's have a look-see, shall we?

this is the only palatable figurine I've seen on a topper website so far -- it
even has the right hair colors and a not-old-timey dress!
Dude needs glasses, though. (source)

this one is also by Haylie Bird Waring, made for Ginny's sister (source)

I love the banner with their names! Ok, and I kinda like the bunnies, too, I admit.
See more amazingness from Jennifer Murphy here. (source)


So, yeah. I like arches, I favor people over animals, but that one with the bells and pink ribbons? $135. The little wooden people with a tiny cat? On sale for $75. The bunnies under the name-banner? Probably upwards of $300 based on the artist's etsy shop.

I've been scouring eBay to see what charming things pop up, and I reckon I'll do that for a while longer. I do like the custom idea though, and I reckon I could customize something myself -- add some glasses to a generic brown-haired groom and glue some extra fabric from my wedding dress onto a blonde bride-figure's skirt and call it a day. The more I think about it, the more I believe I can make an excellent cake topper myself, with the right supplies.

What do you think -- are cake toppers lame and outdated, or a fun, slightly cheesy keepsake?


  1. I heart cake toppers, too! Well, at least the decent ones. I would add the "Precious Moments" sad eyed child bride and groom toppers to your bad topper list. Shudder. My cake topper was actually the first thing I bought for my wedding (I wasn't even "offically" engaged yet but I knew it was coming.) It totally set the tone for the event - vintage looking, and the bride and groom were both blonde (which as you mentioned is rare). It now sits displayed on a shelf next to some wedding pictures.

  2. ROTFL about the "3-D of a romance novel cover"! I needed that laugh!
    Seriously, though, yes I'm thinking of a cake topper too. Flowers can be very nice... but SO not unique!
    My fiance and I met over Ford Mustangs, we have matching yellow ones, and I have searched and searched for some way to incorporate that into a unique cake topper.

  3. @annie: definitely should have included the precious moments toppers! Where did you find your topper -- are there any pics of it on your blog?

    @future wife: Such a good call on the cars! I neglected to mention another good option I've looked into, which is to get a model version of a Pacer and paint it like the Mirthmobile from Wayne's World and plunk it down atop the cake :) It's my favorite movie, and a totally sweet car! Check eBay for little model mustangs for yours, maybe?

  4. Kathleen - it was by Katherine's Collection and I got it at a store in Washington called JZ Rose (there's a similar one on by her on ebay right now). I don't have any pics of it on my blog, but I'm going to do a post on my topper (thanks for the inspiration!) soon and I'll let you know when it goes up. I do have Flickr pics of it tho! Here's some links to them:

  5. Totally sweet topper, Annie! I love it. That was a great find! And such a classy dress on the bride too, none of that poofy-sleeved nonsense.