Monday, November 2, 2009

Etiquette oddities

Last week a family friend loaned my mother and me her copy of Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette. I was happy to get another look at this etiquette bible, since I'd had to turn in my library copy a month or two ago. As I was perusing last week, I came across this "etiquette fine point" in the section on wedding attire:
Gloves and the Wedding Ring

If the bride chooses to wear short, loose gloves, she merely pulls one glove off at the altar so that her ring can be placed on her hand. But if she wears elbow-length or longer gloves, the underseam of the glove's wedding finder may be ripped open, and she need only pull off the tip to have the ring slipped on. (This can be cumbersome, however, so you may prefer wearing no gloves at all.) If the bride's gown is enhanced by long gloves, an alternative to cutting the seam of the ring finger is fingerless gloves.

I'm pretty sure that if your gown is enhanced by long gloves, wearing fingerless gloves is a big step in the wrong direction. Have we not edited this in the past, oh, 15, 20 years? By the fourth edition you really would think we'd be past fingerless gloves. I'll have to go back to the library to see if the fifth edition has reconsidered this nugget of sartorial wisdom.
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  1. I happen to have the fifth edition... a hand-me-down from Shane's mom.

    I don't see a special etiquette note for gloves like the one above per se.... there's just a little section under "bridal accessories" under wedding attire.

    There's still the suggestion of fingerless gloves ;)... that just gives me the image of a homeless man on the street, I don't know about you. Ultimately, the suggestions are the same, the writing is a bit trimmer.

    "Wearing gloves can often enhance the look of a wedding dress but is optional except for very formal weddings.... A short, loose glove can be easily removed by the bride and handed to he maid of honor when rings are exchanged. Tight or long gloves are trickier. When it's difficult to remove a glove, you can snip open the seam on the underside of the ring finger before the ceremony and then slip off only that finger of the glove when you receive your ring. Finger-less gloves are another way to solve the ring-finger problem."

  2. No problem... probably more than you cared to know, but it saves you a trip to the library ;)

  3. Ohmy... fingerless gloves is right up there for the bride in the cheap looking super white poufy ball gown with a tiara because it's her day and she wants to look like a "princess". Also the same strain of Jersey bride who appears on David Tutera's "My Fair Wedding".

  4. My gown turned out to have a very elegant, vintage feel to it. We're having an afternoon, semi-formal ceremony, but I did sort of give a thought to wearing gloves, it would go with the vintage feel.
    BUT... has anyone seen anything modern & elegant in gloves? Without looking like something from the 80's?