Tuesday, November 10, 2009

excitement! (dread?)

I just got a call from the "bridal consultant" I worked with at Bridals by Lori saying that my dress has arrived. Huzzah! Sooner than expected, for sure. Apparently they will hang onto it until I set up my alterations appointments, which should begin no later than early February given my May wedding date.

Now that they have it in, I can go to the store at any time to try on my dress before alterations begin as long as I call ahead. But... I'm pretty sure I have lost no weight at all since purchasing the dress. Maybe three pounds, tops, but I probably put that back on in candy corn over the past few weeks. I need more time! What's a girl to do?

The good news is that I ordered the dress to my measurements at the time of purchase, despite my insistence that I would lose some weight. Clearly, I have not done that, but at least my dress shouldn't be too small if I go try it on. What if it looks awful, though? I honestly doubt that will be the case, because I got a dress in a cut that is flattering to my curvy figure, but the little nagging thought is there in the back of my mind nonetheless. But then what if I decide WOOOWEE I look GOOOD, and proceed to pork out over the holidays in victorious celebration? The ideal situation here is that I go try it on and it looks fantastic now, but I somehow manage to scrape together some willpower and motivation to get in gear over the next three months and look even better by the time alterations roll around.

Readers, help me out -- what gets you in a good frame of mind to eat right and exercise? Any favorite workout DVDs or training plans or anything? Also, what would you do -- rush in to try on the dress, or wait it out until after the holidays?

photo by Our Labor of Love (klar)


  1. Leading up to my wedding I definitely watched what I ate and worked out a lot...however I didn't let myself indulge once in awhile. I think that is important because if you are too strict with yourself then you end up going crazy when you give in after a long time. To keep myself motivated I constantly envisioned what I wanted to look like on my wedding day and how I wanted to feel. Energetic, slim, happy, etc. My husband did the same thing so it helped to have a partner to work out with and eat right with.

    You def need to go try on that dress! And if it is too small or if it fits just right you can use that as motivation over the holidays. Abstaining from the fattening foods during Turkey Day or Xmas for one year won't hurt!

  2. Oh gosh this is such a struggle for me - I used a trainer, food journaling and some diet pills that my trainer approved of (he is also a nutritionist) to help me lose 35 pounds in the 4 months before my wedding. It takes time to get into a routine and to start losing weight after beginning to work out and diet, so I would give yourself a good amount of time. Even from my first dress fitting at two months out to my last two weeks out I had to have it taken in several times so I recommend waiting for the fitting until you are in the three month window and scheduling the first fitting appointment sooner than later to guarantee having it set during what may be a busy time for the alterations dept.

  3. If you have time, what about taking a dancing class? Then you'll be getting in shape AND you'll be an awesome dancer at your wedding. Maybe you can get Jon to do it with you. If you're running low in free time, and if you have a DVR and digital cable, there are a bunch of fitness channels on demand. They're great when I'm too lazy to leave the house :P

  4. I had lost some weight right before the time I was shopping for my dress, and I was more or less happy with the way I looked, so my goal was just to stay around the same size.

    I'd encourage good diet and exercise but honestly, you'll have enough stress planning the wedding that I wouldn't overdo it. You'll probably just lose weight because of stress of it all!

    No matter what, you're going to make a beautiful bride, bar none! Go ahead and try on the dress because it's fun!

    They will alter it to fit you either way, so do whatever it is that makes you happiest.