Sunday, November 8, 2009

home improvement

This weekend Jon and I finally got around to painting the dining room in our apartment -- and only about three weekends after we originally planned! Not bad. The room has two doorways on opposite sides and two windows on a third wall, so it involved a LOT of painters tape, which was no fun. In the end, though, it came out great! Check out the before and after:

We used Benjamin Moore's Yarmouth Blue, from the historical colors collection, at the recommendation of our architect/designer landlord. That's really just a yuppie name for light blue. Jon's already taken to calling the dining room the Carolina Room (as in, "Dinner will be served in the Carolina Room...") in honor of his favorite college basketball team.

The next step, maybe, will be to get my grandparents' old hutch out of storage in my parents' basement so that we'll have a home for weddingy stuff like china and other things that require cabinet space. Jon is very anti-clutter, I've learned, so we'll probably hold off on hauling in more furniture until it's actually needed -- but proper storage, as I've pointed out, helps avert clutter!

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