Friday, November 13, 2009

My first shower!

The other day -- the same day I got the call about my dress arriving in Atlanta -- I found in my mailbox an invitation to my very first wedding shower. Wahoo! Also, talk about a serious wallop of holy-shit-I'm-getting-married reality all in one day. Here's the cute invitation (with the details removed -- stay away, stalkers!):

As you can see from the invitation, it's an ornament shower! My family loves Christmas and we do it in pretty excellent style if I do say so myself, so this is a fitting shower to kick things off for me. The guest list is pretty small -- just the high-school girls who are on my guest list -- and since it's over Thanksgiving weekend I hope most everyone who is normally out of town should be able to make it. At first I had suggested a larger list, then I thought better of inviting many dozens of new Christmas ornaments upon myself: I've got a trip to Germany coming up this December and I'm sure I'll pick up a few at the famed Christmas markets, so I don't want to overload! I definitely don't have room for a big tree yet. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! I'll be sure to let y'all know how it turns out...


  1. How cute!!! That is going to be so fun! At my shower in September they had all of the guests bring an ornament for me too - b/c I am obsessed with Christmas!

  2. Yay Kathleen~ this is the perfect shower for you. :) I am scouting out little trees for us this year now that we have a bigger space. Do you have stockings with names on them yet?

  3. I have mine that Grandma made me, but I need to find a good cross-stitch pattern and make one for Jon (and a wee one for Little Man). While I'm at it I may make myself one for our house, since I assume my folks will keep mine at their house. I think Jon's mom is making me one for out in Idaho! :)