Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Old-Timey Tuednesday: the pretty pretty bride

As many Southern brides do, young Laura had a bridal portrait session at some point before her wedding. I don't know if the photo was displayed at the reception (I find this an odd tradition -- I don't think Mom did it, but it's possible), but they obviously sent the picture along to the paper so her portrait could run alongside the announcement in the Kingsport Times-News the day after the wedding. Here's the clip:

What a headline, huh? These small-town wedding announcements are serious stuff! Here's a better look at Mom's pretty portrait:

Isn't my mama lovely?


  1. I love these! Yes, your mom is a beautiful bride!! Looks like she got married a few years before mine did (my parents were married in '72) I really want our photographer to do some vintage-style photos, there is such glamour there.

  2. My parents were actually married in 1972 as well! September 2nd :)