Thursday, November 5, 2009

registry questions!

You know what, I actually do have something on my mind tonight. I have this nagging feeling that our registries (which aren't totally done, but are well on the way) are missing something -- either actual things or an satisfactory reflection of what we need and want. I'm not sure, but I've spent a sizable amount of time this evening looking at what we've got and perusing websites in search of other items.

So, dear readers, I'd like to pose a few questions:
If you've done it already:
What was the best/most useful thing you registered for?
What was your favorite wedding present, whether or not it was on your registry?
What do you wish you had registered for that you didn't?

If you haven't:
What do you wish someone would buy you?
What items would make your home/kitchen/decor more awesome?
Help me, please!


  1. Oh the joy of registries!

    Probably the most useful things we received (and registered for) were dishes. We didn't go the fine china, casual china & everyday route - we just picked a nicer casual china. Our thought - we only have so much space and there's always birthdays and Christmases to expand if we want something else.

    I love my kitchenaid mixer, and Kevin loves his espresso maker and coffee maker! We received some cool serving dishes/entertainment stuff that was really unique but wasn't on the registries.

    Oh, and if you're registered at Macys - definitely check out the Star Rewards program through the Macys credit card (I opened a card just for the benefit). You receive percentages of all the purchases off your registry and then Macys mails you a gift card after your event. So we received about $70 in free Macy's money!

    Completion events are also great for the post-wedding, but I think it's only good for things listed on your registry. So I added a couple "iffy" things just in case there's a really great completion sale!

    Probably the hardest thing (and most frustrating for me) was trying to maintain somewhat of a balance between girl stuff and guy stuff. I wanted Kevin to be reflected in the registry but he doesn't really care about dishes or sheets.

    Happy scanning! =)

  2. Let's see... I wish I hadn't registered for the Longaberger dishes that my mother in law convinced us would be timeless and a great investment. If we hadn't, then maybe people would have bought the food processor I WANTED SO BADLY, our new bedsheets THAT WE NEED, and the vacuum I FORGOT TO REGISTER FOR!

    Start by making a list of things that you need... and register for those first. We used Macys, Crate and Barrel, and Longaberger. Then make a list of things that you want and register for those. If we were smart we would have had a really short registry with all the things we needed... and after our showers we would have had all the important stuff. Then we could have added the things we wanted before our wedding!

    Hope this helps :)

    P.S. Longaberger dishes really are amazing though... expensive, but amazing. All of their baking dishes are great too!

  3. Well I'm nowhere near getting married, but I DID walk by a kitchen store recently that had a deli meat slicer in the window, and said to my friend, "I'd SO much rather have that than a Kitchen-Aid mixer!" Besides meat, those slicers are awesome for hard fruits, like apples and pears.

    Anyways, I think my point is, pick some stuff you totally want but would never buy yourself?

    Good luck!

  4. I'm with post #3~

    You like to cook, but are you really going to buy yourself a food mill? or a pizza stone? or a mandoline. No time like the present. Gifts are meant to be fun as well as functional - every time megan and kevin use their potato ricer (which has been like 2x in 2+ years) they tell me about it. Besides if you actually get these things you want to try you will make food wanting to try them...

    Same thing goes for decor. Lamps. Picture frames. funny little glasses. JUST DO IT.

  5. What was the best/most useful thing you registered for?
    - The best? Probably my KitchenAid mixer (MS blue, of course!). The most useful? The everyday items I use constantly are such a help - the nice pots and pans (so many people don't think these matter, they make all the difference!!), good knife set, the measuring spoons/cups, and the wine glasses, and everyday plates and silverware are crucial too. You'll be using these items the most, so don't be afraid to get good quality that will last.

    What was your favorite wedding present, whether or not it was on your registry?
    - Oddly enough, I am obsessed with this acacia wood salad bowl I registered for at tar-jay that was super inexpensive. My fave non-registry item would be a handmade glass platter my uncle and aunt got us from a local artist from Santa Cruz called Annieglass - also my name, so that was double-thoughtful!

    What do you wish you had registered for that you didn't?
    - I wish we had registered for more table linens and also a nice alternative bedding set to alternate with my other set. At the time we had a bedset/sheets so I didn't bother to ask for new ones, and now I am having to replace our old ones on my own.

    Good luck and keep us posted!

  6. Best present by far was the nice Caphalon pot set we received... we had a hodge podge of kitchen items, particularly in the pots and pans area and they make such a big difference in cooking! I actually love my knife set too (it is sooo useful), wine rack, KitchenAid mixer, new blender, etc. Nicer everyday stuff is super handy.

    Best non-registry item is a tough one. One of my bridesmaid's moms made us an awesome lap quilt that I really love, especially because she wrote us a detailed note explaining the design and it has our names and the date sewn in a corner.

    As for things we didn't register for I wish we had.... hmm... that is tough to say because we registered for a lot and only really for things we had room for. I wish we had more table linens as well, I agree with the last poster.

    I can say I will be excited for the day we have a bigger place, especially for some of the crystal/centerpiece items that will look lovely in a space larger than 900 sq feet :)

    I would just go through lists in things like Real Simple Weddings- go through what you have and what you want replaced (or would like much nicer of). That's pretty much what we did and I added a few other things like crystal goblets and china that I wouldn't want to buy for myself later.

    PEOPLE LOVE BUYING CHINA!! (At least in our case).

  7. @ Mrs. Bear, thank you for the advice, to register for things we NEED first, and then for things we WANT after the shower! That will really help prioritize what to concentrate on... it's so easy to get carried away!