Friday, November 27, 2009

weekend happenings

What the hell day is it, anyway? I am all kinds of disoriented due to the mid-week holiday, not to mention the fact that December starts next Tuesday. Today was especially strange because I actually slept in. These days, sadly, sleeping late really throws me off.

At any rate, tomorrow begins the actual weekend, bringing with it my first pre-wedding party -- a Christmas ornament shower! I'm super excited about it -- though I admit the notion of a party just for me, just because I'm getting married, remains a strange one to grasp. Anyway, Jon and I got our Christmas tree today and it's already up and (sorta) decorated. It will be so lovely to fill out my ornament collection with gifts from some of my best girlfriends!

In other wedding-related news, Jon's younger brother (and best man) Matthew is visiting us for Thanksgiving, so tomorrow morning the three of us are going to hit up Men's Wearhouse/Savvi Formalwear to see what sort of penguin suits look best on these fellows. That should be an interesting experience -- we'll see how much they want to listen to my opinions. I'll be sure to report back on that one!

I hope you've had a good, lazy Black Friday, and that you found some sweet deals if you braved the crowds. Happy weekend, all!

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  1. I understand... my days are all mixed up! And I hope the penguin suit hunt went well!! I looked by myself last week to get some ideas.
    Oh, not me, I avoid Black Friday shopping at all cost!! They'd have to be actually GIVING away stuff for me to brave the crowds! That's what happens if you've ever worked retail around the holidays, lol!
    And I wish I could have a Christmas ornament shower, I LOVE that idea!!! We aren't getting married till March though, and I think the shower(s) will be in January. Have fun and be sure to report what you got!