Monday, December 7, 2009

is it just me?

Or is it not a little weird when a bride insists on referring to her dress as a "she" as opposed to an "it"? As in, "She. Was. Perfect. Her ivory satin is to-die-for... AND she FIT with lots of room to spare! ...I wish I could wear her every day. " (brought to you by Weddingbee.)

I realize that many styles are named names as opposed to serial numbers,which makes them easier to remember -- mine is named Desiree, which reminds me of Des'ree, whom I never really cared for (and dammit now her song is in my head) -- but this is just one of those things that irks the hell out of me. And I do my fair share of anthropomorphism... just usually with my cats, cars or things I bake.

It's a dress, y'all. It.

1 comment:

  1. Nope, not just you! I refer to my car (a very special Mustang my fiance built up for me) as "she", and have with all my cars. But not my wedding dress, you're right, a dress is IT!