Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Llama farm wedding!

Why didn't I think of this? Check out this reception site:

LLAMAS EVERYWHERE! [note: I was informed by a helpful commenter that these llama-like creatures are actually alpacas. ALPACAS EVERYWHERE!!!]

You can see the rest of the wedding, which is decidedly less alpaca-ful, here.


  1. My fiance's family lives next door to a llama farm. Did you know that they bark and it sounds exactly like a dog? I would imagine that would be pretty annoying.

  2. I remember seeing that on your thanksgiving post -- awesome! Llama is what we call my mom, so we in my family have an affinity for them, though we have not had much occasion to be in actual contact with actual llamas. I had no idea they sounded like dogs!

  3. The 'barking' is considered an alarm call. It is used only when llamas see what they consider a threat to them, coyotes, strange dogs wandering through, the occasional smaller critter including possum. It is something when you own llamas well worth checking out.

    And yes if llamas had been a part of our lives when I got married, having a reception amid their midsts would have been a perfect moment.

  4. Just FYI, the critters in the photo are alpacas, not llamas.

  5. Thanks for the correction! I only wish I had more hands-on llama/alpaca experience so I could tell myself :)