Thursday, December 3, 2009

More from my first shower...

My friend emailed me a shutterfly album of photos from Saturday, so I have a few more pictures from the shower and one of my decorated tree to share with y'all! I'll dive right in:

These are my bridesmaids from the high school gang. (Actually, I
guess they'd more correctly be called the elementary school gang...)

I think Mr. Flamingo here won the prize for most intense ornament of the night.

Here's my pretty pretty seester (and maid of honor, duh) keeping
track of the festive ribbons for an eventual rehearsal bouquet

Krista and her whimsical felted wool ornament get a thumbs-up from me! I'm really going to have to break myself of this habit during all these showers, aren't I?

Without further ado, here is our tree with all of these awesome new ornaments on it!

Not too shabby, eh? What I like best about it is that each of those ornaments has a story or a name to go with it. However, I was over at my parents' house last night (which in recent years has become a two-tree household) and was put to shame by the massive quantity of ornaments they had. To keep it all in perspective, I reminded myself that they have been married for 37 years now... they had to start somewhere too!

The week after next I am off to Germany for a week with a choir, and I've got big plans to hit up the famed Christmas markets and augment my collection. Jon's mom also tells me she's going to gather up some of his childhood ornaments at her house and send them back home with us after Christmas. Maybe next year we'll be able to use all the branches on our tree!

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