Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Old-Timey Tuesday: the clever groom

We haven't given young Jimmy much blog real estate, so I thought I would focus on him this week. Here, Dad and his younger brother Dick model the cutting edge of 1972 men's wedding fashion -- Grandpa Jim wisely opted for a classic suit:

Now that I look at it, I think the main sartorial issue here is the length of Dad's trousers... it reminds me of a certain history teacher from my high school -- you Wildcats out there know who I'm talking about. That aside, I think Dad looks pretty sharp. It could certainly be worse -- just look at Uncle Dick's hair!

Over Thanksgiving, I learned a about Mom and Dad's sweet post-reception ride. You remember, right?

Well, it seems that Dad was a little nervous about what his groomsmen -- in particular Mom's mischievous younger brothers -- might do to the Buick, so the morning of the wedding, he dropped it off at the gas station at the end of Colonial Heights Road road for an oil change. I assume he explained the situation to the proprietor in full, because the car remained up on the lift and out of reach of the Abernathy boys until the window of opportunity for debauchery had closed. Sneaky! Dad didn't get the nickname "Jimmy the Wonder Child" for nothing!

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