Wednesday, December 30, 2009

taking care of business (even while on vacation)

Jon and I only committed to one big wedding-related task for our time in Idaho: the addressing of our save-the-date postcards. I brought the 100 postcards I had printed for free along with me, and the other 150 Jon ordered arrived in the mail here this afternoon. (Don't ask me why I felt the need to round up to the nearest 50 and not, like, 10. I guess I worried that I would screw up a bunch of addresses? I think we'll have quite a few extra when all is said and done.) We knocked out the first 100 in relatively short order the other afternoon and should be able to finish the remainder tonight, with just a few blanks left to fill in.

A nice side effect of addressing all these things is that we've finally firmed up the guest list. I feel like Mom and I both were avoiding it for a while, or were just scared to look at the numbers because we knew the list had grown. The latter is probably still the case, but now we've decided to let the guests self-select rather than doing it for them. In recent days and weeks we've added a few guests, cut a few, and consolidated multiple invitations into one because it's just easier that way, etiquette be damned.

Based on my latest count, we'll be sending out 206 save-the-date cards. (See? I told you I over-ordered. Drat.) When it comes to formal invitations, we'll be proper (for the most part) about sending everyone his or her own invitation even if he or she lives with another invitee, but I figure it doesn't really matter for a postcard.

Once I manage to hunt down the remaining dozen or so addresses, I'll be able to check another big item off the list. In the meantime, I'd better make sure the wedding website is up to date... there's always something else to be done, isn't there?

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