Wednesday, December 2, 2009

to press we go!

Just moments ago, I approved the final proof of our save-the-date postcard and sent it off to the press at Wanna see it? Of course you do!

Our incredibly talented friend Larissa provided the artwork, and I laid it out with some text in InDesign with my recently acquired Adobe skillz.

This is actually Larissa's second take on our portrait (I posted about the first drawing back in the summer) because her style changed a bit since she finished the original, she said. I think both versions are pretty badass in their ways, but I absolutely love how she has started drawing hair, don't you? Speaking of badass, in the next year, Larissa's work will be on display in galleries in California, Oregon, South Carolina, Sweden and Germany as well as included in two books. Damn!

As I probably mentioned in that post about the earlier drawing, Jon and I are really excited to be able to incorporate actual art into our wedding -- awesome local art at that! Not only is this save-the-date super cool, it also makes a quiet statement about the things that are important to us in our life together.

We should have 100 postcards in hand next week -- I won 100 free postcards from a blog giveaway, so I thought I'd get a look at the freebies in person first in case I managed to screw something up. Once I confirm that they are stunning and flawless, I'll order 150 or so more and start addressing.

Which brings me to a question for y'all: When should we send out our postcards? We're within six months of the wedding so they can go out any time, but my question is this: will they be overlooked in the onslaught of catalogs and holiday cards if we send them before Christmas? Should we wait until the holiday madness is past? Or is this a case of the-sooner-the-better? Jon wants to send them ASAP, but I'm a little paranoid about getting lost in the shuffle. Please advise...


  1. We mailed our STD postcards four months before and our invitations two months before. If I were you, I'd wait until after the holidays. You're right -- folks are bombarded with holiday mail, and you don't want your postcard to get lost in the shuffle! (It's adorable, by the way!)

  2. I'm waiting to mail out our invitations ( till right after Christmas so they won't get lost in the Christmas card onslaught. We aren't doing STD's, but if I were you, since you still have that much time, I'd wait to mail them till after Christmas about the 1st week in Jan.

  3. We mailed our save the dates out WAY too early - people kept asking where the invitations were! I think you should wait until Jan to send them out - it doesn't need to be exactly 6 months before!

  4. Just found your blog - it is adorable! You have a new follower :)

    Love the save the date - so unique!

  5. Huzzah! Glad you found me, Jen! Thanks for all the tips, y'all :)

  6. I think I sent mine out about 5 months in advance. It probably won't hurt to wait at this point until the 1st of the year, especially since (through the address collecting process) you have probably notified most people of the date informally at this point anyway. Save-the-dates are mostly helpful for out-of-towners anyway, especially on the parental side of things.

    Cute postcard! :)

  7. a few things:

    1. i love love love it!
    2. what font did you use for your names? i love love love it too!
    3. i'm wondering the same thing you are about the save-the-dates. only my timeline is a little different... my wedding is 16 months away! (but it's a destination wedding so different rules apply). about the holiday though, i think that maybe people are expecting cards right now so it might be less exciting to recieve a save-the-date... but it won't necessarily be overlooked. does that make sense?

  8. Thanks Davina! The font is Buttermilk by Jessica Hische (she of the excellent blog The sans serif is Sweet Gothic. I got both of them from I could spend whole days on that site!

    As for timing, I guess a year out would be good... that way folks can start watching airfares and such. I wouldn't do it any earlier than that, at least not formally. Obviously lots of folks will know when it's happening before they get a save-the-date :)