Friday, January 22, 2010

4 months! 120 days!

Today we hit the 4-month mark, and the lovely round number of 120 days until our wedding day. Holy crap! That's pretty much all I have to say about that.

In addition to reminding me how quickly the big day is approaching, made sure to tell me that I should book my honeymoon soon. Funny, Jon and I were just talking about that! We're set on going to Montreal and Quebec City, and we had a kind of come-to-Jesus talk over dinner last week about whether or not we can afford to do so based on our paychecks and our bank accounts at this point in time. We concluded that we should be able to make the trip happen, so now we need to get on it! (Of course, we're hoping that some wedding gifts will help us offset costs, but one can't rely on such things -- plus, we'll have to pay a lot of it up front.) I'm adding research research research to the household agenda for the weekend.

Other items on's 4-months-out to-do list include finding the guest book and selecting a song for our first dance. The former is underway (lotssss of scanning -- I mentioned in an earlier post that I am stealing this idea) and the latter is D-O-N-E done. Unless we change our minds, but we picked it forever ago, so I think we're good with it. I'll tell y'all about it later, because the songs deserve their own post!

So, four months out and things are looking pretty good. I've got a lot of meetings lined up and emails out to check in with all of our vendors, so it seems as though I'm still on top of things. Cross your fingers that things keep going smoothly for me, especially with my big invitation-printing adventure coming up soon!


  1. Happy four months! It's coming up fast and time is only going to go quicker the closer you get to your date! Enjoy the planning!

    I wish I was planning my wedding again... boooooo. =0)

  2. I went to Montreal and Quebec City at the end of May/early June a few years ago, and I thought it was beautiful!